museums in phoenix area

museums in phoenix area

museums in phoenix area

following are the museums in phoenix

art museum phoenix

phoenix art museums is the large institution of visual arts in south east it cover the board array of the visual records of European things to Asia to Fashion design contemporary art Western American and photography one of the things we like to do here with the museum since they do have 17,000 objects in the collection is to rotate different things out from time to time within the collection galleries and so people who come and visit can come and see different things you’ll find something new with each visit the yo-yo kasama room which is  briefly known as fireflies is a enclosed mirror room with these small LED lights that come down that change color and when you’re standing in this largest space it’s as if you’ve been dropped into the middle of the cosmos and people just response so remarkably collection so come on down to phoenix art museum and you can see it at any time

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

photo by flicker klwebbiz

Now decided to visit  children museum are unique museum is comprised of three separate but connected buildings are ground level is marked as read on their map and consists of the lobby the art studio and the big red room cafe the lobby features a large towering bird built from recycled road signs across from the giant bird is their admissions desk where you can pay for admission and parking and request help with your visit next to admissions is a metal graded ramp that leads you up to the big red room cafe featuring giant hanging white globe chandeliers also at the far end of the cafe is an elevator on the left that will lead you to their basement level marked as raspberry on your map which houses are their theater group lunch room and radio station on the basement level had straight out the elevator and then turn left this takes you through the group lunch room where you can access the theater and radio station by stairs or continue to the far end of the room for restrooms or left down the ramp for access to the theater back upstairs in the lobby opposite the big red room cafe and down a metal graded ramp is our gift shop and studio located in the old post office building dozens of long orange and pink streamers hanging down from the ceiling in this hardwood floor space where you’re free to create your own art or follow along with artists land workshops back up the metal ramp and turning left is a rubber floor Graham leading you to level one marked as purple on the map there you can access the make shop available in every exhibit room everyone is welcome at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix unforgettable as well as a whole lot of fun enjoy

Arizona Capitol Museum

welcome to the Arizona Capitol museum building for almost 40 years and their building for almost 40 years and their  mission is to connect people to Arizona government past and present with over 90,000 visitors per year there’s a lot of people coming here to learn about the Arizona government and so before you come in to explore their four floors would like to go over a few things upon arrival checking the team for the first time large intention to the group entrance of the North dorms school that they also don’t wish to carry here as well keep in mind the capital museum is part of the state library which is located on the third floor while you’re in the building please be on your best behavior try to stay quiet and stay with your group use your heirs located near the elevator to go to the of course use the south near the metal cage to get two more feel free to take as many pictures as you like please avoid flash photography turn off the flash setting on your cameras and phone don’t forget to pick up your belongings after your visit and make sure you stop by their  museum store so you can pick up a silver near and always remember your trip to the capital the Arizona Capitol


from 9 am to 4pm open monday through friday

Heard Museum phoenix

This museum educates the public about the heritage and the living cultures and arts of Native peoples. This is the Indigenous Evolution exhibit. playing with an interactive timeline. Look at all these dolls. learning about the Rio Grande area. learn from Ullman Learning Center This exhibit is teaching me how to say words in a Native finding out where the wing, beak, and feather is for each bird.This collection displays art inspired by Frida. people had so much fun at the Heard Museum We’re at the Musical Instrument Museum This museum displays more than 4,500 instruments collected from around 200 of the world’s countries and territories.First go to the Africa / Middle East section This gallery displays instruments and artifacts from sub-Saharan, North African, and Middle Eastern nations. With the headset, you can hear music from the instruments when you walk by the monitors Must visit this museum at once you will enjoy

The Phoenix Police Museum

exactly right and what a great place to come and look at phoenix police history an honor those that have serve throughout the years look at this beautiful stained glass tribute to officers past present and future in the memorial picture  room at the new Phoenix Police Museum a fallen officers k-9 officers and this beautiful sculpture there with the Phoenix Police Department officer  good morning to you when you come learn about this museum has an interesting things aslo the stories of police officer who were killed

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